Mendbow Shanghai Ltd pany specialized in wedding album designing and manufacturing. We provide professional services in wedding album designing, adult ceremony album designing, photoretouching and album manufacturing. Our professional team, 10 years dedication and sufficient experience would ensure your requests being satisfied. Our headquarter is located in Shanghai, China and we offer services to clients from US, Europe and across the world.
Quality assurance and customer satisfaction is our priority. Our colleagues are the best in the related industries. They have rich experience, foresight designconcepts and international vision.
Now you can relax since your designing, producing and retouching service provider have the best understanding of your needs and ensure the quality of the service provided.
Our integrated website will provide you with 24 hours online access to the new order and change order. With low fixed price, it would benefit you petitiveness in the global market.
We have excellent internal design team and customer service representative team. We are available 24 hours for consultation, communication and placing order.
Let us help you improve your client satisfaction and bottom line!


Mendbow Shanghai Ltd pany specialized in wedding album designing and manufacturi...

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